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Preliminary Cover Sketches for JIMMY STU LIVES!

6 Jul


My novel Jimmy Stu Lives!, a satire set in the framework of a science-fiction adventure, should be coming out sometime next month from Penumbra Publishing ( . Joe Staton, an artist whose work I very much admire, is doing the cover for it. Joe and I were both in Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA ) back in the Sixties (when we were both toddlers), and he actually did the cover for an issue of my fanzine in those days, Outre’.  I no longer have that issue—you know how it goes—but through the miracle of modern technology, I was able to get my hands on a copy of the cover. Ned Brooks, venerable Official Archivist of Southern Fandom Press Alliance, located the issue, Outre’ #3, scanned the cover and emailed it to me, informing me that the issue had appeared in SFPA mailing #14 (circa 1963).  

         So this will actually be…

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