6 Jul


This story originally appeared in Palo Alto Review, Fall 2009. They called it a “fable.” I thought of it as soft science-fiction or surreal fantasy. It occurs to me now that it might be a slipstream story. I meant for it to a have an element of satire, too. It benefitted from critiques from Rich Chwedyk and Tom Bracken.



          In a fiery arc StarshipXVI roars off, high above to its orbit.  Outside with the rest Elaine watches and returns then to the pavilion to share in the bread and wine that waiters in black carry through the multitudes.  She only sips at her wine; it’s a night for revelry, but she needs her wits.  Is she not to conduct the Last Interview?                                                               

          The still air is hot, and a full moon hangs above the horizon.  She stands at the edge of the…

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