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ePromo Pack for The McDaniels

26 Mar
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The McDaniels on WDBX

The McDaniels are Dorothy McDaniel on bass and vocals and Kent McDaniel on electric  or acoustic guitar and vocals. Often they add a percussionist and play as a trio. Their music is Americana: blues, roots rock, country, and jazz. They’ve played together twenty years and appear regularly at such Chicago area street fests as Evanston’s Custer Street Fair, The Ravenswood Arts Walk, Glenwood Art Fest and at Chicago area venues like Heartland Cafe, Uncommon Ground, and Silvies. 

In the late seventies Kent and his brother Doug led The McDaniel Brothers Band out of Carbondale, sharing bills with Shawn Colvin, being joined on stage regularly by Big Twist, and opening for Vassar Clements and for Earl Scruggs.  In 1980 Kent moved to Chicago and joined The Aron Burton Band, led by Alligators Records’ house bass man, Aron Burton. When he and Dorothy got married, he left Aron’s band to work with her. Dorothy’s background is in classical music, and she has a B.A. in music from Roosevelt and a Masters in music from Northeastern. When she took to pop music she did so with a vengeance, singing in a sweet alto and playing a mean walking bass.

They recently relocated from Chicago back to Kent’s old stomping grounds, Carbondale, Illinois, where they appear regularly on WDBX.

Below is a video of them performing live.  (Using headphones will recreate their sound with much higher fidelity.) Under the video, are three songs from their recent live appearance as a duo on WDBX radio


Boom Boom Boom – Recorded at Custer Street Fair (Evanston, IL)



3 Songs From Dorothy & Kent’s recent Live Performance on WDBX



And to hear recordings of Kent’s original songs streaming free, go to Band Camp