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Kent McDaniel

26 Mar

at the heartland

 Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Kent McDaniel plays blues, roots rock, country, and jazz.  He works as a single, as a duo with his wife Dorothy sharing the vocals and adding flute and keyboards, or with a drummer and bassist as The McDaniel Trio.

An SIU grad originally from Metropolis, Kent stayed in Carbondale several years after graduation playing music full time. He then moved to Chicago for many years. Since moving back to Carbondale recently, he’s appeared regularly at such venues as PKs, Tres Hombres, and Brews Brothers and on WDBX’s Lonesome Roys’s Country Hoedown. He also hosts Down Home Cookin’ Friday afternoons on WDBX. And he produced the popular recent album by blues legend Tawl Paul, That’s Just how I Am, for which he also provided the lead guitar and wrote five songs.

Kent’s original songs stream for free at Band Camp

Below are four videos of him performing live.  Under them, are two songs from a recent live appearance  on WDBX radio

I Burnt The Candle (Recorded at the Virtual Varsity, Carbondale)

Feelin’ Single/Seeing Double (Recorded at home for a Closed Mic Fundraiser)

“Paradise (Recorded at The Varsity Theatre’s 80th birthday party, Carbondale) 

Whole Lotta Shakin’  (Recorded at Glenwood Arts Fest, Chicago)

2 (Mellower) Songs from Kent’s recent Live Performance on WDBX (guitar, bass, & vocals)