ePress Kit for The McDaniels

26 Mar
73539-A Club Date

The McDaniels @ Heartland Cafe


The McDaniels relocated to Carbondale, Illinois fall, 2017 from Chicago. There they played regularly until their move, most often as a trio of Kent McDaniel on guitar & vocals, Dorothy McDaniel on bass & vocals, and Alpha Stewart on drums. Dorothy and Kent play  as a duo frequently, too, with him on acoustic guitar and her on bass.

They’ve played Evanston’s Custer Street Fair for decades and regularly play Ravenswood Arts Walk and other Chicago area festsThey’ve also appeared often at such Chicago area music venues as Heartland Cafe and Independence Tap. And they still return occasionally to play Chicago.

Below are three videos of their live performances. When the videos are playing, they’re significantly brighter than the stills you see down there. Unless your computer speakers are better than most, hooking up your headphones will recreate the sound with dramatically higher fidelity. Under the videos, is an audio file of their recent  appearance live as a duo on Carbondale’s WDBX radio.

Boom Boom Boom – recorded at Heartland Cafe







Autumn Leaves- recorded at Silvies






Stagger Lee – recorded at Heartland Cafe





Dorothy & Kent Live on WDBX

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