If You Need Somebody

6 Jul


I’m going to post video here of the song “If You Need Somebody,” the lyrics to which I scribbled down one night long, long ago in PKs down in Carbondale, before a show. A few months later, that summer up at my sister Linda’s place in Naperville, I got around to putting the words to music, and maybe fifteen years later, I got around to recording it for my About Time album.


Like the lord, I work in mysterious ways. Especially to me.

l-r: Dorothy, Kent, Paul l-r: Dorothy, Kent, Paul

The video was recorded around a decade later at The Glenwood Arts Fest in Chicago’s cosmic Rogers Park neighborhood. Our show that day was a  family affair. My wife Dorothy was on bass. Our son Paul was on drums. And our buddy Josh Davis was on harp. That’s me on guitar. We were all feeling pretty good that afternoon and having a good…

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