Neil Young’s Living With War

6 Jul


           neil-young-living-with-war-2006-front-cover-43720DO YOU REMEMBER JUST HOW BLEAK THINGS WERE DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION?  (May we never forget.)   Preemptive War, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Secret Prisons, Special Rendition, warrantless wiretaps, spying on U.S. citizens, our soldiers caught in the middle of a society disintegrating into sectarian violence, Bush talking about the Bill of Rights’ being outmoded, and Blackwater’s making a mercenary army available to him.  Any of that ring a bell?  From my personal perspective, everything was made more interesting by our son Paul’s deciding that it would be a good time to join the Army.  On top of everything else, Bush and Cheney had been cutting the number EPA and OSHA inspectors to ineffectual levels and inviting oil company lobbyists into the White House to advise them on energy policy.  And on and on.  Dark days.  One Christmas around then I received a CD from my sister Linda.  Its cover looked like it’d…

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