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6 Jul


JIMMY STU LIVES! By Kent McDaniel. Penumbra Publishing. 2012. Cover by Joe Staton.

JimmyStuLives-cover700Jimmy Stu Sloan is a succesful preacher who has a thriving mega church and a loyal flock of believers. But all is not well with the reverend. He has health problems and isn’t as strong of a believer as most of his flock.

One night he surprises everyone by announcing because of his heart problems, he will have himself frozen so he can be awakened when a cure is available. It will also allow him to continue preaching the gospel in the future.

Well, Jimmy Stu achieves his cryogenic prophecy and finds himself alive in the future and off on a series of adventures not even he could have imagined.

Kent McDaniel weaves a strong story here. I like his set up and how he takes his main character off on a romp through the future. He…

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