Ohio River

28 Aug

Video of a song here for my friends down inThe Ohio River Valley, recorded August 4, 2014 at The Acoustic Explosion. The lyrics are under the video.


Ohio River

Like some dark swan on you glide

A long bright train, south you ride


Ohio River so wide and slow

You flow through my dreams

wherever I go

Under a pale moon, or skies of blue

I come to your shoreline to speak with you


With friends and family I used to gather on your shore

Then one day I rambled; now I see you no more, but…


A studio version of the song is on my album About Time, and I’m pasting in an mp3 of it below, so you can compare the two versions, if you like.

Studio version of "Ohio River" appears on About Time

Studio version of “Ohio River” appears on About Time

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