Jammin’ with Rudy

6 Jul


stormy xxiv !I’m posting video of Rudy Negrete sitting in with our band. The song we were playing is classic roots rock, but Rudy pretty much stole the show. Which is no real surprise, I guess. For my money Rudy Negrete is the most exciting roots rocker currently working out of Chicago’s south side. The real thing. Of course, I could be biased. Way back when, I was Rudy’s fifth grade teacher.

Around seven years back, he saw some comment I put on Stevie Ray Vaughn’s My Space page and sent me an email inviting me to catch his trio. I did and was amazed. The rhythm section was rock solid, and Rudy’s guitar work and vocals were something to behold. He just keeps getting better, too.

Anyway, I was playing with Alpha Stewart on drums and my wife Dorothy on bass that night. The show was going pretty good already. But…

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