Or Someplace Shining

6 Jul


I’m posting a different kind of Christmas story. I won’t claim it’s got sex, drugs, & rock & roll, but two out of three ain’t bad. I wrote “Or Someplace Shining” about year and a half ago, and it appeared originally in Downstate Story, 2012 .


            christmas treeIn the early evening McDermott stood before the Christmas tree in the sanctuary,where everything was quiet, the tree’s lights the only luminescence. It rose eight feet, and the lights were old fashioned, shaped like tiny bulbous cones, green and blue and red and gold, their glow warmer than an LED’s. Ornaments of many sizes, some frosted with white or glitter, sparkled and glinted. Strands of tinsel spiraled up around the pine needles, and a haloed angel gleamed at the top. Gazing at it, just for a moment he felt that this season was somehow a…

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