After The Magic

6 Jul


             This story, which originally appeared in Wild Violet, falls pretty much on the cusp of traditional fantasy and magic realism.




              On the courthouse lawn stood two gleaming statues of golden stone, a man and woman holding hands, smiling at each other.  Both stood on no base but their own feet and possessed such detail it seemed they might stroll off.  Before them, a mother and little girl stood bathed in twilight; the mother turned to an elderly man on a metal bench alone.

           “We’ve been admiring the statues.”  She lifted her hands.  “So life-like….” 

            He pulled out a handkerchief and mopped his bald head.  “Beautiful, aren’t they?”

            The little girl looked from the statues to him.  “Who made ‘em?”

            His eyes shone.   “Ah, you want to know about that?”  He gestured beside him.

            The girl plopped down beside him, and…

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