“Up On The Roof”

6 Jul


“Up On The Roof” appaeared originally in M-Brane SF #6

         Here and there Watchdogs roll on their caterpillar tracks, looking like miniature tanks, except for the steel jaws. At the edge of the grounds a wall of azure light shimmers, and on an acre of lawn, several fruit trees stand at various points. Jackson Kane stands by a ladder under the apple tree. Atop the ladder perches Vern, an android, and Jackson points out the three apples he deems most delectable. Vern picks them and climbs down, a straw basket on one palm. He proffers the basket, which also contains pears and peaches. 

            Jackson scrutinizes it, as though judging a still life, and nods. He looks at Vern, who wears coveralls and work boots. Jackson wears shorts and tank top; otherwise Vern is his mirror image: the exact same young face with full lips and a wide forehead above…

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