“Jimmy Stu (What’s With You?)

6 Jul


I Wrote “Jimmy Stu” for all the cosmic cowboys who never thought they’d end up on the daily grind–but did. I’m posting a video of the song, from our last show, a performance of it I especially like. For one thing, that  night everybody seemed to find the groove pretty well. For another, though I’ve always thought of the tune as a southern rock/rockabilly thing, Rudy Negrete soloed on it like a Chicago bluesman, and it worked just fine to my ears. If your computer speakers are as lame as mine, I hope you use headphones when you watch this:  

Here are the lyrics.

Jimmy Stu (What’s with You?)

You used to live in the country

up in the ozone, one with the wind and sun

Now you live in the city, and man, it’s a pity

how you run

Jimmy Stu, what’s with you?

Yeah, you used to walk slow

You used…

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