“The Time Awaited”

6 Jul


I’m posting a video of this song of ours from our last show at The Heartland. I wrote this one (back in the mists of prehistory), and I’ve always sung it when we play out. It occured to me, though, that Dorothy could probably sing it better, and I suggested it to her. That was a couple weeks before the gig, this was the first time she ever sang it, and she sang it great. (I knew she would.)

I wrote this around midnight one summer night in the early 1970’s, sitting on the hood of my car in front of my folks house on Metropolis Street. It just flowed right out–the way I wish all writing of all kinds would for me. I was writing about experiencing  spiritual renewal after a time of emotional dryness. But some people have told me it makes them think of some Zen searcher finally…

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