Outre’ #1: Cover, flash fiction, natter.

6 Jul


Back in the mists of prehistory when I was fifteen, I edited Outre’ #1, the first of six issues of that zine and the first fanzine I ever edited. Probably I should just let sleeping BEMs lie. Lots of zine editors from back in Sixties would rather their first effort remain unseen, and that’s not a bad idea, really. But the Outre’ was distributed through the Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA), and it occurred to me that a) Ned Brooks, SFPA’s archivist, would have a copy of the issue, and b) there were a couple parts of OutreKM1coverit I wouldn’t mind seeing after all these decades. One was the editorial natter at the start of the issue, in which I had retraced my path into SF fandom. The other was a flash fiction (or short-short, as we called them back then) by my pal John Battle, who was fourteen. Ned…

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