End of the Night Jam at The Heartland Cafe

4 Aug

logoA couple Decembers back we were doing a show at The Heartland Cafe on Chicago’s North Side. Our friend Rudy Negrete stopped by with his Strat and sat in. Another friend, Josh Davis, happened to be down from Bloomington, with his his harps, and joined us, too. We played everything we all knew together, but didn’t want to stop. So we played “Kansas City”, which we were pretty sure we could fake. Turned out to be a nice end for the night.

Josh pretty much stole the show on it, but Alpha was having a lot of fun on the drums, too. Dorothy and Rudy were both zeroed in on the groove like snipers on a target. I’m mostly off camera, but maybe you can tell I was having fun, too: that’s me throwing in the fills on the verses.

stormy xxiv !

Another night at The Heartland

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