Your Love Set Me Free

15 Aug
Dorothy at a show last spring.

Dorothy at a show last spring.

For some reason, I write few love songs, but “Your Love Set Me Free” is one. The best move I ever made was hooking up with Dorothy, my wife, and this one’s about her. You can click on the icon below to hear it. (It sounds way better through headphones) The lyrics are below, too.


Your Love Set Me Free


Your love set me Free. Your love set me free.

Up in the ozone, I was alone


When you caught my eye, I felt my spirit fly


You saw through my jive, made me be alive


You made me a man and glad that I am


Oh, my God, your lips, are worth all your trips


Yeah, you knock me out. There’s not a shred of doubt.


We  been together, always and forever


You’re rain drifting down on a meadow,

and by now I think you know






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