Audio Playlist of ABOUT TIME

1 Jan

cover art, Alys McDaniel

Here’s a a play list of the songs on my album About Time, 12 of them, all originals. I recorded it a million years ago and just gave it a listen again the other day. I’m still happy with how it came out. Ah, maybe we got a little too exuberant with the instruments here and there, stepped on the vocals occasionally, but I like the album’s energy, and honestly, I think we were playing our butts off. I’m still proud of the songs, too; glad I got em all down on a recording. Check em out:


If any of the songs hit you where you live, the good news is they’re available about anywhere that sells music downloads. The CD of the album is available, too at

And check out the songs on my other album, Live at Custer Street here:

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